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Heavy density 13x6 lace wig. Wig code: W093~

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Monday, August 3, 2020 8:21:11 PM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
You've Made a Great Choice We realize you have options when shopping for wigs and hairpieces, so we want to thank you for choosing us! Our goal is for you to love your style, as well as the entire shopping experience. Whether you are calling in your order or going online - we want you to feel like royalty - because to us, you are! When you shop with us, you're apart of the winning team. But, what exactly does that mean? Simply put, from check out to delivery, you will receive our white-glove service! The Best Product Selection Shopping can be quite the ordeal, and it shouldn't be! We offer high-quality styles. And, because everyone deserves quality hair that makes them feel like a queen, we have something for every budget. Outstanding Photography & Videos While you're browsing through our site, you might notice the amazing photography. We believe in showing high-quality photos of each product from all angles. You will see a mix of gorgeous shots photographed in our studio with impeccable lighting. While browsing, you may also notice tons of videos all around the site. We include videos describing and showing product and it give you a more in-depth understanding about the wonderful world of EVA hair. Notable Service Once you're ready to place your order, the magic begins...and best of all, you won't have to wait long for your order! We offer same-day shipping (for most products) from our China warehouse. So there's little to no waiting!Should you make a purchase and not love it, that's okay! You have 30 days to make a return. And, if you need help figuring out a different style to choose because maybe you just didn't love the cut or color you chose, then our Client Care Representatives will be more than happy to help you! They can suggest personalized recommendations for you based on your lifestyle and preferences.We hope your experience with us is pleasant and that you stick around - we are so glad you're here!
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Did you know you can make a face mask out of items you already have? No cutting and no sewing required! Below we've demonstrated 2 ways to make a face mask with only 2 items.Steps to Make a Face Mask For the first method, you’ll need the Elegant Softie from Jon Renau and 2 elastic hair ties.1.Start by taking your Softie and placing it flat with the opening facing upward. 2.Fold the right side in towards the middle. 3.Repeat on the left side. 4.Then, take your elastic hair ties and loop them around the folded edges. 5.Finally, place the loops around your ears and your mask is complete! If there isn’t enough air flow, pull the inner layer of the softie down and under your nose and mouth. For the second method, you’ll need the Softie Wrap from Jon Renau and 2 elastic hair ties. For this demonstration, we used the Softie Wrap Print, but there are solid color wrap options too! 1.Start by taking your Softie Wrap and placing it flat with the cap opening facing upward. 2.Next, take the right wing and wrap it downward around the right corner. 3.Repeat on the left side. 4.Next, fold your wrapped sides inward toward the middle. 5.Then, loop your elastic hair ties around the folded edges. 6.Finally place the elastic loops around your ears and your mask is complete! For extra security, pull the cap opening under your chin!
Thursday, June 4, 2020 8:00:54 PM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
What is transparent lace frontal? A frontal stretches from ear to ear, the entire front of your head is completely covered. A 13 x 4-inch lace frontal is the standard size.What are the most popular transparent lace products? 8A Brazilian Curly Hair Invisible Lace Frontal Wigs9A Brazilian Curly Hair Invisible Lace Frontal WigsThis hair is100% Remy human hair wig. It is made of soft Swiss lace and can be matched with any skin tone. There are two Lace types -- 13*4 Frontal Swiss Lace and 13*6 Front Lace. When can I get the wig after payment?Your goods will be shipped within 48-36 hours, we know you are eager to get it, 3-5 working days to arrive.How do I return or exchange them?If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase for any reason, you may exchange an eligible item for a different item in 30 days without cut the lace.Read More
Friday, May 15, 2020 2:22:10 AM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
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Wednesday, April 8, 2020 11:31:25 PM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
Weaves and wigs are such a versatile solution to bad hair days all over the world. Ladies that want instant transformation such as lengthier, fuller hair can identify with this. You may not know this, but human hair falls into two wide categories – the processed and unprocessed hair. By now, you must be aware that best quality wigs are made from unprocessed hair. But, what is unprocessed hair? How do you tell processed and unprocessed hair apart? Does this mean processed hair is not good? Read on to find answers to all these questions.Read More
Tuesday, March 31, 2020 7:05:47 PM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
Caring for your wig properly is so vital. A well-loved wig lives a long life. It’s really about protecting your investment. Tangles can damage your wig, but proper care can reduce them! First things first, you must not over-wash your wig. You need to shampoo and condition wigs regularly, but you can have too much of a good thing. If you have a daily wig that you don’t heavily sweat or swim in, you can easily get away with only a weekly washing. Also, in the scenario in the opening of this blog, notice I mentioned a wig stand. This is a super important accessory. Styling your wig while it is on the wig stand can go a long way in maintaining the style of the wig and reducing tangles. After washing or just a day of wear, you will want to comb out your wig. You need to use a wig comb or brush specially made for wigs. Wigs are more delicate than your own hair, so gentle motions are key. Just as you would with natural hair, you should begin detangling at the bottom and work your way up. This reduces breakage, helps to prevent combing into the permatease, and help the hair to stay healthy and smooth. With both synthetic and human hair wigs, remember to always start from the bottom! If you are a frequent wig wearer, you probably already know the most common spot for tangles. The nape of the neck is a veritable magnet for hair disasters. The area gets sweaty throughout the day. Necklaces can cause friction and tangles. The collars of certain shirts can cause strands to collect and mat together. Some of this is unavoidable. The simplest trick you can do? Throughout the day, comb the nape area of your wig often, even if it is just with your fingers. This way, you keep on top of any tangles before they occur. Even with all the care in the world, tangles can still happen just like they will with natural hair. Still, you want to take precautions to avoid as many knots and tangles as possible so that you stay looking fabulous all day long!Read More
Saturday, March 28, 2020 12:31:53 AM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
Following are some tips to care for hair 1.Warm water and good shampoo wash it once every 5 days 2.After washing, please use essential oils to stay the curls 3.Comb the curls up by your fingers or wide tooth comb 4.Air drying is best 5.When you wear it, please use essential oils again.Read More
Sunday, March 22, 2020 6:50:20 PM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
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Tuesday, March 10, 2020 6:29:24 PM America/Los_Angeles By cao yaxin Lace Wigs,
What Is Kinky Hair?Kinky hair is also named afro kinky human hair, it describes the curl pattern/type of hair, like curly or wavy and in this case, kinky hair means tightly curled hair or really tight coiled hair or hair with no curls but zigzags instead. “Coarse” or “fine” describes the thickness/texture of hair strands. Having kinky curls does not automatically equal having coarse hair strands.Read More
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